1994 Roselyn M. Crewse   These stories do not contain witchcraft, wizards or black magic.  They are simply imaginative.  The main characters are a blue fairy named Serena and a brown elf named Julius.  There are lessons to be learned in the actions of the characters. Hopefully children who read these stories will absorb those lessons.  They are written for girls from ages eight to thirteen.  Some older teens and women have also enjoyed reading them.

UNDER THE TULIPS - 12,020 WORDS, 50 pages  Serena and Julius must help a human by command of the King of Fairies and Elves.  They must travel with the help of Melly, the beautiful Monarch butterfly Julius loves.  They meet obstacles and lots of interesting characters.  Father Mike is a young priest who befriends them in the city. 

 TEARS AND SMILES - 11,875 WORDS, 53 pagesWhen the Russian circus comes to a nearby town, Melly overhears circus animals talking about a clown who cannot smile and cries all the time.  Serena and Julius choose to help him find his smile again.  They must journey to the city once more.  The Wise Woman is their only hope.

OVER THE WAVES - 12,368 WORDS, 53 pages  A small boy is lost in the meadow.  He asks Serena and Julius to find his father who is missing in Hong Kong.  The father sent a present to the boy.  It turns out the stuffed panda bear can not only talk, but is extremely intelligent.  Sister Mary Rose agrees to take them to Hong Kong with her. The adventures on board the ship and after they reach Hong Kong will keep the pages turning.

UNDER THE RAINBOW - 9,283 WORDS,  50pages  Julius has a friend named Shamus, a leprechaun living in the woods close to the meadow.  A man has decided to catch Shamus and take his pot of gold.  Nothing is as it seems in this story.  Serena and Julius have to find a way to get to the top of the rainbow and slide down in time to meet Shamus at the bottom. 

STORMY WEATHER - 7,650 words, 32 pagesrolex replica watches  A troll has arrived in town.  He has stolen a crystal ball that allows him to capture the colors of the rainbow.  Without the rainbow, the leprechauns cannot find their pots of gold.  His plan to pass himself off as a detective and be paid for restoring the rainbow colors is thwarted by Serena and Shamus.  The creatures in the meadow teach the troll a valuable lesson.

IN ROSEMARY'S GARDEN - 6,858 WORDS, 32 pages  Rosemary is the Wise Woman.  She is an herbalist who grows herbs and vegetables to help people and the woodland creatures when they have health problems.  As she is harvesting her crops, they mysteriously start to die and she cannot find the cause.  She asks Serena and Julius to help solve the mystery.  The answer will surprise you.

LOST IN THE  MEADOW -__10,612 words, 45 pages 

A baby is found in the meadow.  The mystery of who she was and how she got there deepened into more after those questions were answered.  A story of love, reunion, and lessons on how to give and take when you need to.


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