Windchime Kaleidoscope

Use of organic form, stained glass, two mirror scope and two image wheels. Note the bird's nest in the top fork of the tree limb.

Stained wood, brass, tacks, leather, image tumbler Can be adjusted for viewing.

Stars & Stripes Forever

Tube has an object chamber to create patterns. Mirrors, beads and decals added to enhance theme. Size approx 10"x12"

Double Image Kaleidoscope

The viewing chamber houses two mirrors. One system uses a 20 degree configuration creating a twelve star pattern. The second uses a 40 degree configuration creating a six star pattern. A lazy susan is used to allow for multiple objects to be placed on a plate to create endless image possibilities.

Side view of double mirror kaleidoscope

Front view of double image kaleidoscope.

Tumbler kaleidoscope

PVC pipe for the basic tumbler scope. Ornamentation is accomplished using leather, beads and assorted other materials. Stand is wood and ceramic.

Rocket Ship

PVC pipe, mirrors and wood were used to create this scope that has a tumbler wheel. The theme is red, white and blue including all objects in the tumbler chamber. A three mirror system was used.

Tube kaleidoscope

PVC Pipe, wood base, assorted beads using a glass oil wand to create the image using a three mirror system.


Wood construction, use of a lazy susan for placement of objects to be viewed through the scope. The scope can be rotated in two different directions. Use of three mirror system.

Two wheel image using stained glass and moving beads. Two mirrors create a star. Brass, wood and gems used in base. 12"x13"

copper, glass beads, PVC pipe, film can, wood and two image wheels.


Driftwood, leather, beads, copper, two image wheels creating an endless array of images.

side view of Southwest kaleidoscope

Southwest Parlorscope

Wood construction, use of beads and pottery, lazy susan, three mirror viewing system, copper.

Scientific floor Kaleidoscope

Features a compass, protractor and ruler on a mirrored stand. A real conversation piece for the quirky side of life. Materials uses are wood, light fixture and beads.

The Ritz

Contemporary kaleidoscope using stainless steel, wood, film cans, beads and mirrors with an oil filled tumbler.

The Ritz

Back view

The Ritz

Side view


Kaleidoscope with a tumbler to create the image. Approximately 10" long and 12" high. The image is created with three mirrors.

Collection of small hand-held Kaleidoscopes

Some use a two mirror system while others rolex replica have a three all built with found materials. One of a kind.



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