Words ring in my mind at night and in the early morning, throughout the day, and when least expected.  I have written some of them down.  I hope you enjoy reading them and that they might strike a chord in your heart and mind.


Here I am, the new one, the one whose name is not known

Smiling faces look at me with curiosity

Who is she they wonder, is she someone worth knowing?

Some are not interested enough to even look, or if they look, do not smile

I am asking myself that same question

Who are they, are they worth knowing?

Are they nice people, or snobs used to turning up their noses

At ordinary middle-class people?

Or are they just pretending to be someone they are not?

I adjust the mask on my face and smile back

At least they cannot read my thoughts

I can read theirs as long as they do not hide

So, why am I here, I question myself?

The answer is unclear, but it has something to do

With wanting to be accepted, wanting to fit in,

Wanting to be a woman worth knowing.

If these things do not happen, I will not cry

I will not rent my clothing or hide in my sanctuary

I will feel sorry that they have lost the opportunity

To know me, a woman worth knowing


I guess that I can understand why they would feel so sad

Since in this world there seems to be much less good than bad

The lightning bolts that brightly hurl across the midnight sky

Like weapons from another world as they go whizzing by

Strike fear into the hearts of men and when the thunder booms

Many who are usually brave hide in their safe bedrooms

Beneath the cover goes their head until the storm shall pass

Another lesson has been taught by Angels to their class

When the worst is over and the sun begins to shine

Sometimes there is a rainbow to tell us all is fine

I'd like to think the rainbow is just the Angels' smiles

In colors that delight the eye that can be seen for miles


When I was a kid I used to lie

In the grass on my back and watch the sky

Drawing pictures above me in blue and white

Sometimes disturbed by a passing kite

Look, there's a princess trailing her hair

Just beyond is a castle puffy and fair

She drifts out of sight but there's something new

A dog with a long tail that soon vanishes too

Dreams are created in the blue overhead

Changing more quickly than the ones in your bed

Tigers and lions and elephants parade

In the heavens above a ghostly charade

Smoke curls from tendrils of a fair maiden's hair

A knight on a horse gallops off in thin air

The sun is just watching and winking its rays

I wish I could go back to those childhood days

When nothing important was beckoning me

But the clouds in the sky and the pictures I'd see

So simple and innocent the clouds of your youth

Adulthood brings storm clouds that speak only the truth

With booming to shake your bones and rattle your teeth

And jagged streaks of electricity strike the ground beneath

The only thing left of your childhood cloud play

Is the beauty of a rainbow when the storm clears away


When I die, don't bury me just put me in the fire

Then throw my ashes in the sea to sink on muck and mire

Perhaps a mermaid or a whale will swim where I do lay

Or porpoises frolic tail to tail on a lovely summer's day

Don't even cry, just tell a tale a story full of fun

And know that I am listening somewhere beyond the sun

And when the day is over be filled with light and cheer

For though you cannot see me I always will be here

Just close your eyes and think of me I'll come into your mind

And memories of my hugs and kisses will leave all grief behind

For I will always love you all throughout eternity

Until the day you heed the call and reunite with me


I wrote a poem that did not rhyme

I thought I'd try it one more time

But nothing came though hard I tried

Could there be nothing left inside?

A little verse came peeping through

So I quickly wrote it down for you

It's short and sweet not long to read

Just something for your soul to feed

I went down to the shore one day

I watched the waves and gulls at play

Down in the sand and the waves I sat

They soaked my body from shoes to hat

I pretended I did not mind

I walked away and left behind

All my sadness and all my woe

So out to sea it all would go

I wore a smile as I walked away

For now I start a brand new day

Free of care and free of hurt

I buried it all in the sandy dirt


Peace comes without a warning quietly

As a whisper, softly as a kiss

Brushed against a cheek

War announces itself at the top of its lungs

Breathing fire, how can Mankind survive the need

For power and land without brandishing weapons

Or threats of nuclear war?

Such power frightens everyone except

The foolish and the greedy.

Someone will always play the game without rules,

Without conscience, without regard to the


We must each try to find peace at least

Within ourselves, pray that evil will not triumph, while

Time and sanity brings a quiet peace

On tiptoe so as not to disturb the sleeping beast

As we weave our way around the Specter of War,

the Devilís feast

There we may find hidden from view

The treasure we call peace


We speak and sometimes our words are

Like bullets piercing the facade of

Someoneís spirit that even with healing

Leaves scar tissue as a reminder

Not knowing how much impact we may have

By harnessing the power that lives

In our tongues and in our mind

We can determine how best to use it

Countries have been won and lost with

Words, fiery or empty throughout the ages

Relationships have been formed and broken

With words that sting cheap watches or soothe

Using restraint or letting it loose

Will determine what events may occur

From words, an elusive weapon

More powerful than any man can create


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© 2002 Roselyn M. Crewse

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